Information for Outpatients

Consultation Hours

Consultation is offered as below.

Reception hours
Monday to Friday 8:30‒16:00
Saturday 8:30‒11:00
Consultation hours
Monday to Friday 9:00‒17:00
Saturday 9:00‒12:00

An appointment is required for consultation.

Closed on Sunday/holidays

Outpatient care is not available on Sundays and holidays.
*With the exception of emergency patients

To receive emergency care during nighttime or on a holiday

In case of an emergency, please come directly to the hospital.
Ebara Hospital is designated as a secondary emergency medical institution, which accepts patients whose symptoms are not life-threatening but requires hospitalization. We may be preoccupied with patients with serious conditions, which leads to long waits by patients with relatively minor conditions.
We advise patients with minor symptoms such as a cold to seek medical care at a general emergency hospital (primary emergency medical institution).

Referral/appointment system

In principle, Ebara Hospital only accepts patients based on a referral/appointment system to promote collaboration with local hospitals and clinics. Unless in an emergency, please call this hospital to make an appointment and bring a letter of referral (clinical information) from another medical institution such as your primary care doctor. You can also request one of our partner hospitals to make an appointment with us and provide you with a letter of referral to this hospital.

Please be advised that first-time patients without a letter of referral (clinical information) will be charged an additional initial fee for non-referral patients (as Medical Expenses Combined with Treatment Outside Insurance Coverage). For details, see here.

Flow of outpatient care

First-time patients

Please arrive 20 minutes before your appointment time.

When you arrive, first come to the First Visit Reception (No.6). Fill in and submit the Consultation Application Form. We will issue your patient ID card. Submit your letter of referral if you have one.

Be sure to bring your health insurance card and, if applicable, medical certificate(s). If you are visiting to seek medical care for a work-related accident or a traffic accident, please inform the reception staff. When you receive your patient ID card, proceed to the reception at the department (block) you are seeking consultation.

What to bring

  • Health insurance card
  • Medical certificates (Ex.Elderly Benefits Card, and Workers Compensation documents), if applicable
  • Letter of referral (Patient Treatment Information Document)

Returning patients

Register at a Return Visit Reception Machine and call on the department (block) reception you desire to visit.

If you are a returning patient, but seeking consultation at a department you have never visited before, you should also register at a Return Visit Reception Machine and call on the department (block) reception you desire to visit.

If your last visit was more than six months ago, or information on your health insurance card, or your address/phone number has changed, you need to be re-registered. In this case, present your health insurance card at the First Visit Reception and tell us so.

Always bring your patient ID card. If you do not have the card with you or have lost it, you will need to pay 108 yen (including tax) as reissue fee.

Return Visit Reception Machines are located at the front entrance, F block and G block.

Patients with no appointment

Please consult the Information Desk. Please be advised that, depending on the number of patients with appointments, you may not be able to see a doctor or may need to wait for a long time.

Payment and health insurance

If you do not present your health insurance card, you will need to bear the entire medical fee. If you do not have a letter of referral, you will need to pay an additional initial fee for non-referral patients. For details, see here.

You need to present your health insurance card and, if applicable, medical certificate(s), once a month. Be sure to bring them when you are visiting the hospital for the first time in any month. If you have any inquiries concerning your payment, do not hesitate to ask at the Bill Calculation Desk.

Other information

Our hospital promotes out-of-hospital prescriptions, in accordance with the national government policy of dispensing separation.

Credit/debit cards

1 Credit/debit cards are accepted at:

Hospital Cashier (No.3) at the Medical Affairs counter
Emergency reception on holidays and during nighttime

2 Types of credit/debit cards and hours accepted

(1)Credit cards

We accept UC, VISA, MasterCard, JCB, and American Express (including co-branded cards)
24 hours a day (including at the emergency reception on holidays and during nighttime).

(2) Debit cards

Cash cards issued by banks and Japan Post Bank can be used as debit cards up to the balance of your account.
Monday to Friday 8:00‒21:00
Saturday/Sunday/holidays 9:00‒19:00

(3) E-money
We accept QUICpay, iD, and prepaid transportation cards (e.g., Suica, PASMO) 24 hours a day including at the emergency reception on holidays and during nighttime.

3 Accepted payment arrangements

Payments can be made in a single installment, multiple installments, or revolving payment. Payment with debit cards and prepaid transportation cards must be made in a single installment.